BLM. We are a lifestyle company based in Southern California. Our team represents various backgrounds and ethnicities. I believe that what we do and make fosters connection and brings joy to people and I consider that to be a noble endeavor. In addition to creating products that feature people of color and working diligently to make them widely available, as a Black Woman entrepreneur, it is impossible for me to lead Beyoutifully Black™ without acknowledging that we are a part of communities that are underserved and without taking steps to support causes and organizations that can impact change for good. 

We are experiencing a shift in this country. As we still navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, our communities are continually impacted by senseless violence and systemic racism...all of which are connected to equality in education, career opportunities, economic resources, healthcare, mental and physical wellness, wealth gaps, esteem, fair representation, accessibility to voting and so much more. We are heartbroken, angry, frustrated, exhausted, marching, voting, fighting, protesting, volunteering and in mourning. The seemingly never-ending racial injustices that include the recent shooting deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks (and too many others) have made it clear that we must intentionally and actively work toward the end of racial injustice, not just personally but also as a business...and as the company leader, I will do my best to guide us in this endeavor.

Message from Founder